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Déja has always been a creative being. She showcases her talent in a variety of ways. Growing up she would imagine stories and use her dolls to act them out. Déja also displayed her talent for teaching. She would gather her siblings together, sit them down and teach them. In her early teens, Déja did not think that she could write poetry. Her “Roses are red, violets are blue” poems always felt ‘cheesy’ to her. In high school, Déja discovered that she had a talent for writing short stories. She ventured into writing poetry again and still did not feel confident. She decided to keep trying. She started out rocky with incorrect grammar and rhyming schemes. Even in these rocky stages of writing, Déja’s school assignment “This is Me” was published in a compilation of poems in a book titled “Poetic Journeys,” as one of the chosen entries for the book. This encouraged Déja to keep writing poetry. Her desire became to publish a book of poetry, titled “A Word fitly Spoken” although it was long forgotten for many years.


After graduating with a B.A in Psychology, Déja soon discovered that she had a passion for education. Currently working as an Early Childhood Educator, she continues to gain wisdom in how to teach, inspire and build relationships with children. Déja uses her creativity to imagine and create stories to relate to the children, build relationships with the children and simply entertain the children she interacts with.


Déja is known for her silly moments to her family and friends, big laugh and even bigger heart. She has been said to have wisdom beyond her years and good insight which adds depth to her writing. Her writing has developed greatly since her early years and has blossomed to include a range of topics such as love, faith and daily experiences. She finds her inspiration in family, friends and the many experiences she faces daily.  Her first book  “A Word fitly Spoken” was released September 2016. Her second book, a novel, is soon to be released in 2019.


"This was the first time I could really relate to the character, cuz you know, he was going through stuff I am going through."
"Wow. This was a good read."
"It was good but it was too short."

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